Thursday, November 11, 2010

SBR Crazy Theroy #1

Hi Guys sorry I've been gone I have'nt had much to talk about recently but I did have time to throw on the ol' tin foil hat and come up with a theory involving three of my favorite TV shows.

That Theory is Power Rangers, Doctor Who and Buffy The Vampire Slayer all exist in the same universe.

Yeah I know it sounds like a stretch since they're each incredibly different but here's the thing when you really look in to it there not.

They each have Monster Of The Week plotlines, they each have seasonal Big Bads and they each have monsters attacking only one area of the planet instead of, you know, the whole planet.

Now there are parts were this seems unlikely due to references to the other shows...but on Buffy yeah Buffy once referenced The Pink Ranger but who's to say she was referring to a fictional character she could be mentioning her as an actual person, and Doctor Who was mentioned in one Buffy episode so that means they cant possibly share universes right?

Wrong in a 1988 Doctor Who serial called Remembrance of The Daleks The Doctors companion Ace turns on a TV and leaves the room you can here the guy say "...Saturday viewing continues with an adventure in the new Science Fiction series Doc...", now for clarification this story was set in 1963 the same year Doctor Who started in the UK so maybe The Doctor himself  inspired   a show called Doctor Who.

Now as for Power Rangers well it's a show that was never big on references but in a season called "Lost Galaxy" in the episode "Green Courage" a character has a sheet of paper with the part of the Galaxy there in, they were traveling through space in this season, and the location on is the exact location of The Doctors home planet of Gallifrey, which was said to have been destroyed in recent Doctor Who episodes.

So are these shows in the same universe or am I looking to far into things well either way I'm SonicBlueRanger and this is what I do with my free time.