Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic

SBR here yikes it's been awhile I just kinda fell out of the blog thing for a while but I'm back with not so mutch a review as complete and total raving on the new show My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic.

And you all are arching your eyebrow's reading that aren't you well let me explain MLP:FIM is a show made for the HUB witch is basically the Hasbro Channel they feature several show's based on different Hasbro toy's including G.I.Joe and Transformers as well as some DC Comics shows for some reason, now I don't get the channel but thank goodness for YouTube.

So with stuff like that why am I, a guy, so interested in My Little Pony...BECAUSE IT'S AWESOME!


The plot of the show centers around Twilight Sparkle a pony who is caught up in her studies with no time or real need to make friends she's a student of Princess Celestria who gives her orders to leave the kingdom for a while and go to the town of Ponyville for a purpose that would spoil he Pilot if I were too talk any further but let's just say Twilight changes her mind and decides to stay in Ponyville and learn more aboutt friendship while sending letters to the Princess about how far she's come.


Princess Celestria: The ruler of the land of Equestria she's basically a God having apperently lived forever and is in charge of the raising the Sun her sister Princess Luna was in charge of The Moon but became angry and jelouse that everyone was awake for her sister's time but asleep for her time.

Twilight Sparkle: Essintally the Main Character (Or should that be Mane Character) Twilight lived in Celestria's palace as her Student caught up in her work after reading the ledgend of Nightmare Moon (Who had been inprisoned in the Moon draw you're own conclusion's) she sent a letter to the Princess who told her she was working too hard and sent her to tour around Ponyville. after an adventure Twilight decided to stay in Ponyville to learn more about friendship.

Pinky Pie: Oh how to describe Pinky? Pinky is...Random very VERY Random she's rarely ever sad and constently crazy and it is fantastic. Pinky has a love of Parties to the point that she throw's one after meeting Twilight simple because she's a Pony she's never met before it's also how she deals with Bullies.

Apple Jack: A southern belle tommboy Apple Jack works on (Surprise Surprise) an Apple farm and has ben known to wrangle up Animales  as well. When she first meet's Twilight she ivites her to an entirely Apple themed meal with her realetives Twilight only agree's when Apple Jack's little sister Apple Bloom gives her the widest Anime eye's you could ever hope to see.

Rarity: Ah Rarity she run's a fashine shop (Yes I know their Horse's just roll with it) Where she makes Satles with the best Gem's she can find Rarity can be abit  of a snob and doesn't like getting dirty or her look's being messed with. When she first met Twilight she gave her a makeover because she felt she needed one.

Rainbow Dash: A tomboy Pegasus who's in charge of moving clouds around  for weather Rainbow Dash is one off the fastest flyers in Eqeustria and is famous  for bing onee of the only Ponies to pull off the Sonic Rainboom where you go so fast you make a Sonic Boom and a Rainbow appear at the same time. Rainbow Dash first met Twilight by crashing into her and then showing off.

Fluttershy: Fluttershy ass her name would suggest is an extremly shy Pony being naturally gentel Fluttershy works with small animales wakeing them up from hibernation, comferting them hen their afraid and such she also has a stare that can make even the harshes of creatures feel ashamed of themseleves. She met Twilight while she was ocastrating someising when Twilight came in and nearly scared poor Fluttershy to death.

And lastly Spike: Spike is a Baby Dragon (According to Rarity and Fluttershy) who is a messager who follow' Twilight to Ponyville and sends the Messages to Princess Celestria he also has a crush on Rarity but don't tell anybody (Even though they already know).


The show is from Lauren Faust the wife of Craig McCracken the creator of show's sutch as The PowerPuff Girls and Fosters Home for Imagenary Friends and let me tell you this show lives up to the fun and humor of those shows the characters are likeable and the stories while the basic "You know I learned somthing today" stuff as other Cartoons are extremly fun and enjoyable.

Don't feel embaressed if your a guy and you enjoy it the majority of fan's are men the show is made in a way that  it can be enjoyed regardeless of gender so I say check it out.

A 5 out of 5.

I will be back for another review soon this Sunday I'm heading out to see Thor so expect a review Sunday or Monday.