Friday, December 24, 2010

SBR's Top 10 Christmas shows/Movies

Hey guys SonicBlueRanger here and seeing how Christmas is apon us like Grandma getting hit by a Reindeer I felt it was time I did my first list so heres my top 10 favorite Christmas related Shows and Movies.

10. Doctor Who: The Christmas Invasion

Yeah I know most of the maybe two people reading this arnt going to know what Doctor Who is so let me give some back story first, The Doctor (Not Doctor Who his real name is never said he's just The Doctor ok no one calls him Doctor Who) is a Time Lord from the Planet Gallifrey in the constalition of Kasterberis, only it's not there any more it was blown up in The Time War by The Doctor cause his people were planning to let all life in the universe die and they would acend into beings of Contiousness alone.

That was said in a Christmas Special but not this Christmas Special in this one The Doctor having just Regenerated, A trait of his people whenever there Dying the can Regenerate into a new Body it's basically a way of keeping the show going if the actor playing The Doctor wants to leave to do other things, has crashed his ship the TARDIS (Time And Realitve Dimention In Space) outside the Powl Estate home too his Compainion Rose Tyler.

Her Mom Jackie and off again on again boyfriend Mickey Smith run out to find Rose and a man who they dont realise is The Doctor he psses out for most of the episode and aliens invade London because Angel Grove was to infested as it is.

Eventually The Doctor wakes up saves the day with a Stasuma and everything hunky dor...oh wait the Prime Minester just orderd the Ailens blown up The Doctor gets mad and singel handedly brings down her run as Prime Minester of Britain.

So why is this on the list well it's set at and aired on Christmas but thats the only thing that really tellsyou this is a Christmas Episode at all it's still a really good one and all the Christmas elements really play into the episode plus it's the first full episode staring David Tennant my first Doctor and one most people love.

9. Shrek The Halls

A quasi sequal to Shrek The Third, which was the worst of the Shrek movies if you ask me, it a story of Shrek, Fiona and the babies first Christmas as a family.

Unlike Shrek the Third the jokes here are actually really good espacially each characters version of 'Twas The Night Before Christmas if your a fan of Shrek or have kids go check it out.

8.Santa Claus Conquers The Martians

Santa Claus Conquers The Martians....Ok more so I like Mystery Science Theater 300's riff of the movie the plots ridculuse but it's histarical all the same but I recommend checking out the MST3K version for a good laugh.

7. Any of the Brawl In The Family Christmas story Arcs

Ok for People who dont know Brawl In The Family is a Nintendo Based web comic that focus' on the older Nintendo Games but mostly Kirby eating thing and changing into wierd things trust me its funnier than it sounds.

But the Christmas stories have all been fantastic such as "How Dedede stole Christmas" With the comics first musical comic if you cant load it they give a link to a YouTube version seriously just check the comic out at

6. Amends from Buffy The Vampire Slayer season 3

A story focused on the vampire with a soul Angel the story is about Angel's regret for killing Jenny Calender in the previous season, Long Story he turns evil after having sex it's hard to explain, a being known as The First Evil takes her form to convince him to stand in the sun and kill himself.

The ending is so amazingly true too the spirit of the season despite Joss Weadon's atheism it's bound too put even the biggest Scrooge into the Christmas spirit

5.Christmas With The Joker

If you love Batman see this episode, If you like crazy Joker antics see this episode and if you want to see Batman get hit in the face by a pie SEE THIS EPISODE!

Seriously though this is the first of sadly only a handful of DCAU Christmas episodes the others Holiday Knights and Comfort And Joy are good too but nothing compairs to this one it's the best of the three.

4.Jingle All The Way

Heres one that I think gets a bad rap it's a perfectly funny movie whith Arnold Shwartzenegger searching for his son's gift with tons of slapstick.

Personally I quite like this movie it's a fun little movie with a pretty decent parody of Power Rangers and othr childhood favs.


Another movie I feel is underrated a nice story of basically an Elf in New York except he isnt an elf but was raised as one when he was found by Santa he comes to New York to find his real father only to find out how big of jerk he is.

Overall I do recommend seeing this at least once if you like Will Ferrel if you cant stand him though stay away stay far away.

2.A Charlie Brown Christmas

Do I really need to explain this one? It's a classic it's one of those you cant go without seeing at least once Merry Christmas Charlie Brown.

And my Number one favorite christmas movie is....

Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas

This isnt just one of my favorite Christmas movies it's one of my favorite movies period.

Jack Skellington is sick of Halloween and finds Christmas and decides to kidnap Santa and take it for himself yes that sounds bad but you see Jack he means well but he doesnt know the first thing about Christmas and ends up being shot down he lives and saves Santa from the real villian of the movie Oogie Boogie.

The movie is odd in that it combindes Halloween and Christmas in away the genuinely works as Tim Burton put it himself he got the idea from seeing Halloween and Christmas decerations at the store and he thought of it as The reverse Grinch where as The Grinch hates Christmas Jack is fasinated by the idea and genuinely wants to spread the cheer without knowing how to really do so.

So those are my top 10 Christmas movies and Shows I'm SonicBlueRanger and to all of you and your's have a very merry Christmas and A happy new year hopefully by next year I can start doing Video Reviews even though I only have a Sony handheld and Windows Movie Maker till then bye for now.