Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Why Reality TV Sucks

SBR here and I'm not here to review in fact I'm here to serious for a moment last night I had to subject myself to the worst kid of physical punishment I could sustain I watched bachelor pad and it got me thinking reality TV is really REALLY bad.

On the subject that got me here first some explication I was only watching for the one exception to reality TV Dancing With The Stars I only wanted to see the new cast and as such I was subjected to a sheer amount of awful.

The first "game" was a Q n A were they had to answer question about "Who's the stupidest in the house?" "Who has the worst boob job" and other such crap the whole game was about being a enormous jerk not mention most of the Bachelors and Batcholeretes are tremendouss tools anyway,

Speaking of tools Dating in the Dark has a good premise  people by taking the thing that human nature makes us judge on the most, looks, the idea is to show that looks don't madder however in most of the episodes I've seen the people only chose to stay with the other person depending on there looks.

Other shows I cant reall comment on due to...well not seeing them but these two I have the unfourtunate "honor" of seeing and if any other Reality Show is like these I dont want to see them.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Turtles Forever

Turtle Power!

Say what 4Kids entertinment that they cant dub anime they hire low class voice actors that....where was I going with oh yeah Ninja Turtles.

Back in 2003 4Kids decided to brig the Green Machine back and the first 5 seasons were awesome then they got sent to the future yeah but even still they still are for sheer of liquid awesome that is Turtles Forever.

Unlike my Scott Pilgrim review I'm not going to describe the plot to indept instead I'm just going to give a little.

After a battle with The Shredder the 1980's Turtles are transported to the world of the 2003 Turtles they team up to  attack the Technodrome which 2003 Raph calls a Golfball on wheels.

Meanwhile 80's Shredder finds his 2003 counterpart who's still frozen from the events of the season 4 finale descovering him to be an Utrom.

After defrosting Ch'rell (The Shredder) proply kicks Shredder an Krangs butts with out any real trouble cause well 80's Shredder kinda sucks  but they knock him out with...um Knock out gas only form him to be saved by Kirai who also owns 80's Shredder and Krang.

I'm going to with the plot here because I highly recomend buying this it's an awesome send off to the 2003 Turtles and the 80's Turtles even they are played as clowns.

My biggest complaint is they couldnt get the original actors for the 80's Turtles, Shredder, Krang or April but for the most part they got desent sound alikes with the exception of Leo voiced by Dan Green who sounds more like Yami Yugi from Yu-gi-oh than he does Leonardo.

But either way a good movie which I recommend if you can find a copy of  the DVD and I couldnt then buy it I give it a 5 out 5.

Until next time SBR vanish! *POOF*

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Turtles Forever review pushed back

Sorry guys my local Wal-Mart didnt have Turtles Forever in yesterday so no review yet.

I just thought it would be nice to let my......what.....4.....maybe readers know that the review might not be up till saterday.

So yeah just a quick update not really to much to talk about until I get my hands on a copy of Turtles Forever or find something else to take its place.

SBR out.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life

Scott Pilgrim is 23, Canadian, in a band that by his own admition is crap, dating a high school girl and living with his gay roommate so yeah this is the beginning of the first volume of the Scott Pilgrim series.


Scott as I mentioned is playing in his friends band Sex Bob-om his girl friend Knives Chau thinks he and the band are just plain amazing.

Scott's sister tells him that she's found out about him dating a High School girl asking why his response "It's Easy" well it until she starts makeing out with him and he realises things are serious to Knives and he darts.

At the time he begines having dreams about a girl hes never met and starts seeing around town at a partay he desicovers her name is Ramona Flowers and she moved there from america where she works as a Delivery Girl for Amazon.ca Scott orders some CD'S just to meet her.

When they arrive he asks her out on a date and they go to park Scott invites her to his bands gig where he ais atacked by a by a guy named Matthew Patel one of Ramona's 7 evil exs after the fight Ramona tells Scott if he wants be with he beat her 7 evil exs.


I cant really say much about each character because well there not written to be totally likeable there written to be more human I guess would be the best way of saying it all I can well I'll say aroundthe end.

bottom line

Scott Pilgrim is hard to recommened all I can say is read for your self and form your own oppion about it.

I know very criticical of me but all can some people will like it some will think it's the dumbest thing they ever read.

I'm not going to give it  a score  cause I'll though reading that it would fitting to rate the entire series more than just each individual volume so as I get my hands on the others then I'll fully rate it.

Well thats my first review hope you enjoyed if not thats ok butr either way tommorow hopefully I'll be reviewing Turtles Forever.

Until then We Are Sex Bob-om!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Info and Intro

Hello and welcome To Mighty Blogin SonicBlueRanger.

So for a while now I've been thinking about doing one of these cause well I got a lot to say and I've been wanting to do reviews so I thought why not.

"But SBR what are you going to review?"  I hear no one asking well just anything I get my hands on mostly a lot of Sonic the Hedgehog comics and Power Rangers.

But no one should feel left out cause theres more than that like for example Turtles Forever comes out this Tuesday and I already know  I'm going to review it (Sneak Peek it's awesome).

So yeah just a quick intro to let folks know who I am and what I'll be doing so until later SBR out.

...I need a better closeing line.