Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Why Reality TV Sucks

SBR here and I'm not here to review in fact I'm here to serious for a moment last night I had to subject myself to the worst kid of physical punishment I could sustain I watched bachelor pad and it got me thinking reality TV is really REALLY bad.

On the subject that got me here first some explication I was only watching for the one exception to reality TV Dancing With The Stars I only wanted to see the new cast and as such I was subjected to a sheer amount of awful.

The first "game" was a Q n A were they had to answer question about "Who's the stupidest in the house?" "Who has the worst boob job" and other such crap the whole game was about being a enormous jerk not mention most of the Bachelors and Batcholeretes are tremendouss tools anyway,

Speaking of tools Dating in the Dark has a good premise  people by taking the thing that human nature makes us judge on the most, looks, the idea is to show that looks don't madder however in most of the episodes I've seen the people only chose to stay with the other person depending on there looks.

Other shows I cant reall comment on due to...well not seeing them but these two I have the unfourtunate "honor" of seeing and if any other Reality Show is like these I dont want to see them.

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